Dilemma Games


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  • THINK&SOLVE In motion, Dilemma games played in Beijing China, June 2019



  • DILEMMA GAMES played in Museums of illusions, MOI,around the globe;






















































































































































































































































































































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  • In Malaysia : Teaching in the class how to play Hanoi Tower



  • Dilemma Games Activity,TV Report China.


  • Asia books Training.




  • Hong Kong Toys Fair.




  • Playing colored Tower @Dilemma Games Booths in Hong Kong




  • Tangram Lesson in Beijing Capital Normal University.




  • Playing Dilemma Games Tower.



  • Smart Wood.



  • Escapes !!



  • Sportive Tic Tac Toe.



  • Planning "Cross the river" strategy @Beijing Capital Normal University



  • Engraving


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