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Dilemma games proudly presents 6 types of new & inovative thinking centers as a part of our unique educational system - THINK&SOLVE.


The new labs are created to reach all targets in our educational programs. as described in "Think & Solve Educational Program" and "Educational Books & Vedios" The 6 labs relates to 6 primary schools grades, from grade 1 to grade 6 or from age 5 to 13.

Each lab includes:


1-A clear & detailed TEACHERS MANUAL, with dozens of sessions and hundreds of class lessons, all fitting the relevant age and arranged from easy to hard. The manuls are written to exploit our brain teasers and games as educational tools to enrich cognitive, mathematical issues and as well as life skills.

The teachers manuals are arranged by Karate belts: from white belt of first grade, to black belt of mature students.

Each lesson/session is based on Dilemma PDT Model( play,discover,transfer), and the program can be studied throughout a whole yea, each week 2-6 hours.


2- STUDENTS WORKSHEETS, containning hundreds of work sheets developed during 16 years of experience. All are related to sessions described in the Teachers manual.


3- THINKING PUZZLES & GAMES: Each lab includes 200 wooden brain teasers fitting the lab of relevant age. They are designed to accomplish the targets listed in the teachers manual. While having fun,playing and discovering patterns, the students may create puzzles by themselves.

All games are made in Dilemma games factory in ChiangMai, Thailand, since 1996, from  premium timbers. They also meet the industrial and environmental requests of international wooden toy industry.

Each lab also includes 6 OUTDOOR Puzzles&games, of which Dilemma games is the only factory worldwide to produce. A total of 206 puzzles& games in the lab can activate class activities or schools activites involving 30-500 students at the same time.


For more details and quotation, please contact us at education@dilemmagames.com.


View Details in Thinking Lab of Grade 1 - the White Belt 

View Details in Thinking Lab of Grade 2- the Yellow Belt


View Details in Thinking Lab of Grade 3 - the Green Belt


View Details in Thinking Lab of Grade 4 - the Blue Belt


View Details in Thinking Lab of Grade 5 - the Brown Belt


View Details in Thinking Lab of Grade 6 - the Black Belt



 Grade 1- White Belt Details




Grade 2- Yellow Belt Details  




 Grade 3- Green Belt Details  



Grade 4- Blue Belt Details   



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